Prevodi za dis-lui v slovarju angleščina»francoščina (Skoči na francoščina»angleščina)

1. shove (push):

1. stuff (unnamed substance):

truc m inf
ça pue ce truc! inf

3. stuff (content of speech, book, film, etc) inf:

it's a poor do inf if

I.must1 <nég must not, mustn't> [Brit mʌst, Am məst] GLAG modal When must indicates obligation or necessity, French tends to use either the verb devoir or the impersonal construction il faut que + subjunctive: I must go = je dois partir, il faut que je parte. For examples and particular usages see I. 1. and I. 3. below. See also haveand the related usage note.
When must expresses assumptions or probability, the verb devoir is always used: it must strike you as odd that = ça doit te sembler bizarre que ( + subj). See I. 7. below for further examples.
For the conjugation of devoir, see the French verb tables.

1. must (indicating obligation, prohibition):

3. must (stressing importance, necessity):

very nice, I must say! iron

7. must (expressing assumption, probability):

glej tudi have

10. have (cause to be done):

to have it off or away with sb slang Brit
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Prevodi za dis-lui v slovarju francoščina»angleščina (Skoči na angleščina»francoščina)

ameriška angleščina

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