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I . out [aʊt] PRID pred

4. out (in blossom):

13. out (not possible):

15. out (inaccurate):

16. out homosexual:

17. out tide:

II . out [aʊt] PRIS

1. out (not in sth):

“keep out!”

3. out (away from home, for a social activity):

5. out (fully, absolutely):

burnt out also fig
out and away Am

8. out (out of prison):

9. out (unconscious):

12. out (outdated):

13. out (time off):

14. out tide:

III . out [aʊt] GLAG preh. to out sb

2. out BOXING:

3. out homosexual:

IV . out [aʊt] PREDLOG fam

ˈout-and-out PRID attr

chill-out [ˈtʃɪlaʊt] PRID attr

chill-out room, area:

chuck·er-ˈout <chuckers-out> SAMOST Brit fam

clapped-out [ˈklæptaʊt] PRID Brit Aus fam

I . cut-out [ˈkʌtaʊt] SAMOST

1. cut-out (shape):

izrez m

2. cut-out (stereotype):

3. cut-out (switch):

II . cut-out [ˈkʌtaʊt] PRID

gross-out [ˈgrəʊsaʊt] SAMOST fam

II . level off, level out GLAG preh.

out·ˈfront PRID Am fam

ˈout of PREDLOG

1. out of after vb (towards outside):

iz +gen

5. out of (spoken by):

iz +gen

6. out of (made from):

iz +gen

7. out of (motivated by):

zaradi +gen

8. out of after n (ratio of):

od +gen

11. out of (sheltered from):

ˈout-pa·tient SAMOST

pass·ing-ˈout SAMOST Brit Aus

I . ˈpull-out SAMOST

1. pull-out MILIT:

umik m

2. pull-out MEDIA:

II . ˈpull-out PRID

rain off Brit, rain out GLAG preh. passive Am to be rained off

ˈsell-out SAMOST

2. sell-out (betrayal):

izdaja ž

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